Story number 2 for 23 Apr 2002

By April 23, 2002

(Cambodia)–Elsewhere, anger is brewing over a lapsed sense of justice in the years following the Khmer Rouge’s regime. That, despite a U.N-assisted trial of surviving Khmer Rouge leaders for crimes against humanity. Against this backdrop, there’s a great opportunity for ministry. That’s according to Far East Broadcasting Company’s President, Jim Bowman. “We see in this that obstacles can be political; they can be spiritual. The people are depressed because of what happened during the Pol Pot regime. There is just a general sense of depression and hopelessness.” Bowman adds that by using a ‘suitcase’ transmitter, they can broadcast at 500 watts, reaching a little over one and a half million with the Gospel. Bowman says plans are in the works for increased outreach. “It can be heard throughout the city quite well, because the city is quite flat. We have a license for ten kilowatts. When we’re able to bring it up to ten kilowatts, because Cambodia itself is so flat, we expect that that will increase to about six million people altogether.”

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