Story number 2 for 23 Aug 2000

By August 23, 2000

Meanwhile, the people of Haiti are praying for rain and it looks as though they may get it. However, they may not like what comes with it. For Haiti with Love’s Eva DeHart explains why the rain is needed so badly. “The spring that has fed the headquarters for almost 20 years ran dry. So, I was putting out a newsletter to ask everyone to pray for rain. Then, I heard about Debby. That is a little more answer than I had anticipated.” Drought has plagued the country for months. For Haiti with Love is providing for the Haitians physical needs in an effort to share the Gospel with them. DeHart says people need to pray. “We’re hoping that Haiti definitely gets some rain because it’s been too dry for crops. The people just can’t live without water.” DeHart says she’s praying for rain without the wind associated with hurricanes.

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