Story number 2 for 23 Aug 2001

By August 23, 2001

(Sudan)–Next, the Commander in Chief of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army has given an evangelical group permission to do work in the region. The Bible League’s Executive Director for Africa, Joseph Owens. “His name is John Garang. And, he has given us the go ahead to work in his area. With letters from him we don’t have to be afraid about going throughout the area that is under the control of the SPLA.” According to Owens, this means they’ll be increasing their discipleship and evangelistic outreach program 10-fold as they partner with local churches. “We hope that this year we’ll have about 40,000 people in Bible studies and probably place around 30,000 New Testaments and I think our goal is 20,000 Bibles.” Owens expects many to respond to the Gospel as hearts appear open during this time of conflict.

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