Story number 2 for 23 Aug 2002

By August 23, 2002

(Eritrea)–Meanwhile, although the late May closures of the evangelistic churches in Eritrea is not a new story, the reasons behind the stunning move may yet cause a stir amongst believers. International Needs Network’s Dave Culross. “It was a surprise move on the part of the government. The Christian community is a great threat to the Communist teachings, as we all know. They suspect it’s because there were so many in the military who had come in contact with evangelical Christians during the war with Ethiopia and had turned to Christianity.” This comes in spite of the Eritrean constitution, which guarantees full freedom of religion and good, until recently, inter-religious relations. Culross says this could also portend trouble for missions work in the future. “They [Christians] can be imprisoned, they can be exiled from the country, they can be put to death. They [the government] can pretty much do anything they want to, if this edict is allowed to stand.”

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