Story number 2 for 23 May 2001

By May 23, 2001

(Albania)–Next, the work of Bethany Christian Services continues in Albania despite brutal warfare in neighboring Macedonia. The guns have now fallen silent after one of the fiercest weeks of hostilities in the tiny republic. BCS’ Roger Bouwma says it was during heavy fighting that they were at their Albanian facility for a conference. “The current activities in Macedonia, other than everyone knowing about it, and being a bit nervous about it, didn’t really have an impact upon anything that we were doing. The Lord protected us; a lot of people traveled from many different places, in a variety of ways. We had no incidents in any place, anywhere along the way.” Bouwma says they’re asking people to pray for: “…continued safety for the staff over there, and wisdom as to how to deal with folks who are just in incredibly painful situations. And, that as those opportunities to share the Gospel come, that they’re bold and they’re strong and they’re sensitive when they do that.”

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