Story number 2 for 23 May 2003

By May 23, 2003

(India)–Next, the movement of concern and sympathy for the Dalits in India is gaining ground. A conference in Canada this week helped believers set goals and plans to reach out to this lower caste of people who are searching for a new religion and purpose. Operation Mobilization’s Peter Dance. “Many thousands are genuinely looking for a different way of life, for freedom, for respect and equality and a relationship with God and that is one thing that has come out, their desire for a relationship with God. Now they don’t quite know who that God is yet but we want to bring them Jesus Christ.” Dance hopes to partner with those who envision meeting the tangible needs of this massive people group. “Trying to bring in the business community where they could raise funding to start schools throughout the country for the next generation, but basically to more communicate with the various organizations together to have one goal, to move forward education, high education, women’s issues.”

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