Story number 2 for 23 Oct 2000

By October 23, 2000

Meanwhile, community health education is the key to reaching the lost in Egypt. That’s the word from Stan Rowland of Medical Ambassadors International. Medical Ambassadors recruits, trains, and supports national leaders to reach their own people physically and spiritually. Rowland says this is an important part of ministry. “Jesus, when he went out, He always did physical and spiritual together. When he sent His disciples out he sent them out to do physical and spiritual. They go hand in hand. One without the other is just giving a half a loaf of bread.” Medical Ambassadors needs 75-hundred dollars to train Coptics in Egypt, which Rowland says could be key to reaching the Muslim in Egypt. “As they understand that God wants them to deal with the whole person, they can reach out in love physically and spiritually to their Muslim neighbors. This can be a very definite springboard for the spread of the Gospel.”

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