Story number 2 for 23 Oct 2002

By October 23, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–Elsewhere, the unrest in the Ivory Coast may be Satan trying to put a stop to evangelism in that African country. Evangelism Explosion’s Ron Tyler says everything was going smoothly with evangelism training before the unrest. “Just the week before, we had just trained 25 pastors and church leaders. During that training 40 people came to a profession of faith in Christ. And, as a result of that we’ve had several demands and requests to come and help train. And, as a result of that, we’ve had to hold off on that training.” Tyler says this type of attack isn’t surprising to them. “We experience all the time in our work and we even tell the pastors when they’re going through the training that be prepared be faced with difficulties when you return home because Satan doesn’t want this ministry to take place in your church.” Tyler expects many to come to Christ during this time of uncertainty in the Ivory Coast. Pray for protection as ministry moves forward slowly.

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