Story number 2 for 23 Sep 2002

By September 23, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–We turn next to the Ivory Coast where there’s been a coup attempt. An army mutiny killed the Interior Minister and a former military ruler. Renewed fighting began again, going into the weekend, disrupting air travel and communications. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s David Hague says their academy staff is viewing the situation gravely. “They’ve said that some students have not been able to reach the Academy; [and] that everybody who lives in the outlying parts of the campus has been brought in to stay in the main part of the campus where they think a higher degree of security is available. But they also said, classes seem to be going on as much as possible as usual.” Hague asks people to pray for the staff at the academy during this difficult time. “Safety is definitely a prayer request regardless of how the military perceives their level of safety at the academy. When you can hear automatic weapons being shot off outside your window, it’s no small thing.”

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