Story number 2 for 24 Aug 2001

By August 24, 2001

(Zambia)–Next, Zambia is a country facing mounting problems amidst accusations of government excesses and corruption. The troubles have trickled throughout the entire infrastructure, resulting in a growing sense of disillusionment for the people. Grace Ministries International’s Becky Vinton says, although planned months ago, this is the ideal time for a series of evangelistic meetings. She says the people need hope. “In any kind of difficulties, cultural, or spiritual or from a political sense, people always are willing to hear what someone else can offer them through God’s Word and what God has to offer them.” Vinton says that the GMI team will also be travelling throughout Zambia to encourage other believers in their outreach. She adds that there is much to pray for. “There are some people that are trying to cause some opposition to it. It is religious leaders, not political ones. So, pray that these things will be overcome. Pray for two-thousand people to come to Christ.”

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