Story number 2 for 24 Feb 2000

By February 24, 2000

Next, persecution against Christians continues in Vietnam. Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton explains the latest event that has many Christians on their knees. “Voice of the Martyrs has learned that the last Assembly of God church building in the nation of Vietnam has been destroyed. Before 1975 when the communists took over Vietnam there were 10 Assembly of God Churches and nine we taken over or destroyed kind of in the years after revolution.” According to Nettleton, the evangelical church has been forced to go underground, however evangelism is flourishing. “In the countries where Voice of the Martyrs works the church is growing in spite of these types of situations. It’s a little different breed of Christian because they’re tested by fire from early on in their spiritual walk. And, so you get a quality of Christ that is really on fire for Christ and on fire for others to hear the Gospel.”

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