Story number 2 for 24 Jan 2000

By January 24, 2000

Next, among the top ten countries on the World Watch list, most of them are
strongly Islamic. So, evangelism among the Muslim community worldwide has been a
challenge. However, for Arab World Ministries, the light of Christ is being shared
elsewhere. We spoke with one missionary, whom we’ll call “Mark”. His ministry is in
France’s Muslim community. “Mark” says despite the fact that France’s Islamic
population is more open to evangelism, they are faced with many obstacles. “A Muslim
who would become a Christian from a Muslim point of view is a traitor-he’s a traitor to
God, he’s a traitor to his country, he’s a traitor to his family, to his ancestors, to his
history, to all that is good, right and true. Many Muslims who become Christians feel a
lot of pressure to conform to their former religion, to the people around them.”

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