Story number 2 for 24 Jan 2001

By January 24, 2001

(El Salvador)–Meanwhile, the clean-up from El Salvador’s deadly earthquake continues, the refugees are settling into a different way of life in the camps. Medical Ambassadors International says many of the supplies people need to survive are hard to come by. MAI’s John MacWilliam explains how they’re reaching out in this crisis. “Our people are actively sharing Christ with all those that they are attending to…all the wounded and affected people, and helping them with relief-food, water, milk, things like that. But our approach is to really help the wounded in clinics and on the ground where they are.” MacWilliam asks that people pray because: “Our people there are very overworked, they’re very exhausted; and, that people would help, through the churches and gather funds because there’ll be a lot of long-term assistance that will be needed-and we do have projects in three different areas in El Salvador.”

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