Story number 2 for 24 Jan 2003

By January 24, 2003

(Africa)–Meanwhile, the severe food crisis in southern Africa is getting some help from the United States Government. Officials have given 114-million dollars in emergency aid to help World Vision to two other groups feed the hungry. World Vision’s Carol Jenkins says the situation is dismal. “There are approximation 15-million people at risk currently. While food assistance is going into the region, it is not adequate to meet the needs and there’s a lot more that needs to be done. Approximately 2 million people per month will be served with food aid distribution activities.” Jenkins says this is an open door for workers to share their faith personally. “I need to point out that World Vision (is a) Christian organization. What often happens, though, is in situations the witness of our staff, the way in which we do our jobs. The way in which we conduct our business at the field level working with people…they can see the love of Christ through that.”

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