Story number 2 for 24 Mar 2000

By March 24, 2000

Next, as relief efforts continue into Mozambique, there’s a threat of still more flooding in the area. SIM International’s Ron Frazee says they are helping with the current emergency, but they’re also looking ahead. “Now comes the hard work of long-term rebuilding and community redevelopment. We like to give our help through the local church so that people being helped see the help coming from God, and so it’s just natural then, to be able to share the Gospel with them.” Frazee adds that support is needed in a variety of ways during the crisis-from supplies to manpower, and most importantly, he says: “Pray for the Christians, that they’ll be strong in their faith, that they’ll be ready and willing to share their faith with people around them who have no hope…and just be able to give a word in season, because this is when people’s lives are disrupted.”

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