Story number 2 for 24 May 2002

By May 24, 2002

(Nepal)–Elsewhere, insurgency-wracked Nepal plunges into uncertainty as new elections were announced this week. In an unexpected move, the king dissolved parliament and extended the state of emergency. That has left the people confused and upset. Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannon says the situation is chaotic, which has extended to their work, as well. “This is plunging the nation into a greater confusion. Lots of our missionaries are in deep distress because their mobility is very much curtailed. The nation at large is in a very serious, difficult time.” Yohannon asks people to pray. “We’ve had this radio broadcast in Nepal for years now. Now, lots of people are writing letters and communicating, asking to know about the Lord, and the way of salvation, how they can find peace, and if they die, that they can go to heaven.”

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