Story number 2 for 24 Sep 2001

By September 24, 2001

(Iran)–Next, the popularity of satellite television in the Middle East is giving Christian television producers more opportunities for outreach. SAT-7 is taking advantage of that and is expecting to put Christian programs on the air in the Farsi Language on November first. SAT-7’s J-B Kump. “There will be limited programming to begin with. We’re going to start broadcasting two days a week. Thursday’s from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM and Friday’s from 11:00 AM until noon. Programs that will have a variety of appeal to them. Children’s programming. There will be some dramatization. They’ll all be Biblically based and aimed at the Christians living in Iran.” Mark Rudolph, SAT-7’s U-S Director of Church Relations, says in order to reach out effectively in areas like Iran the American church must get involved. “Christians need to see the Middle East as an opportunity to encourage believers among other things. That’s going to take real effort on the part of the American church.” Rudolph hopes the current focus on the Middle East will challenge believers to financially help with outreach in these areas.

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