Story number 2 for 25 Apr 2000

By April 25, 2000

Meanwhile, wide spread damage from several cyclones on Madagascar isn’t stopping the work of Christian Blind Mission International. CBMI’s Van Joffrion (JOH-free-ohn) says they have some 30 workers in the country, but they’re mostly in the south. “There are some clinics up in the north, but they’re very small and generally have an itinerate doctor that goes and visits. I can’t tell you about any of our eye work at Christian blind mission that was seriously affected by the cyclones.” Joffrion says because most people in Madagascar view losing their sight as normal, giving sight to that person opens doors for evangelism. That witness comes from both the doctors and nationals. “This creates an atmosphere of love and service the way Jesus did when he performed miracles on sick people, blind people. These hospitals and clinics generally have evangelists and they’ll speak with the patients and do evangelism.”

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