Story number 2 for 25 Jan 2001

By January 25, 2001

(El Salvador)–Meanwhile, one ministry working in El Salvador is thanking God, following the seven-point-six magnitude earthquake. President of Christian Blind Mission International Allen Harkey: “After many anxious days of trying to communicate with our people in San Salvador we reason to rejoice. God has protected our projects there, both our missionary workers and our patients. We have about five projects mainly in the San Salvador area.” Harkey says they’re running eye clinics and schools for the handicapped and blind. More importantly, he says they’re teaching them about Christ. “When there is suffering, when there is something as devastating as an earthquake of this magnitude, it opens up many opportunities to talk about the love and the protection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And, we are rejoicing in that.” CBMI needs more Christian nurses and doctors to help both physically and spiritually.

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