Story number 2 for 26 Apr 2000

By April 26, 2000

Meanwhile, Indonesians are reaching Indonesians with the Gospel. Medical Ambassador’s Terry Dalrimple just returned from that country. He says they’re targeting the Lampungese (lah-puh-NEEZ), an unreached people group in South Sumatra. “About 2 million devout orthodox Muslims. They have no scriptures in their language. There are no churches among them. 90-percent of these people have never heard the Gospel in any form. We have been working together with a group of Javanese churches.” Dalrimple says Javanese believers are training the Lampungese in sanitation, hygiene, micro enterprise and other development programs. “While visiting in their homes these believers are also going to share with the Lampungese how they can live more healthy lives spiritually. And, they’ll be doing Bible studies with them, evangelizing them and we’re cooperating with this project with Far East Broadcasting Company.”

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