Story number 2 for 26 Apr 2002

By April 26, 2002

(Madagascar)–Meanwhile, an agreement aimed at ending a three-month dispute over determining Madagascar’s rightful leader is unraveling. The conflict has brought the country to the brink of socio-economic instability and ruin. Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins tells us how the unrest is affecting their work. “What seemingly was going to be a bloodless coup turned into riots, and a lot of destruction of the country…pretty much a closing down of the infrastructure. Most missionary agencies have evacuated their personnel. So, what appeared to be something that was going to be a pretty easy transition of power has become more complicated.” Hoskins says, in spite of the challenges, they still want to reach a goal. Book of Hope wants to reach 800-thousand young people with the Gospel this year. However, the unrest is still a problem. “That’s affected our work because the schools have been closed. The Book of Hope’s mission, is of course, provide God’s Word into the school system. So, we’ve had more churches approaching us and asking us to get active to use the Book of hope to reach the children of Madagascar right now.”

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