Story number 2 for 26 Jul 2000

By July 26, 2000

We turn next to the Prague where gypsy leaders are in a four day meeting to discuss the future of their community. Its purpose is to draw attention to the plight of gypsies in Kosovo, who have been subjected to violence by ethnic Albanians. Audio Scriptures International’s Vladimir Dervishi. “There is a lot of scores to be settled among different parts of the population. Gypsies are one of them; it depends [on] who sided with the Serbs. Now that Serbs are out of the country, then the Albanians are trying to take revenge. That’s what’s really happening in Kosovo with the gypsies.” Dervishi adds that they are ready to give out the Albanian New Testament, the Kosovo Gospel of John and the portrait of Jesus cassettes. “We are going to go to three different regions in the country. In those remote areas, most of the people that live in rural areas, they don’t know how to read and write. That’s why we’re going with a package with the album and a cassette player.” Please pray that ASI will be able to distribute these things in an effective manner in Albania and Kosovo.

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