Story number 2 for 26 Mar 2001

By March 26, 2001

(Egypt)–Meanwhile, an evangelical Christian satellite television ministry is expanding its presence in Middle East. SAT-7’s Glenn Hartson says they’ve acquired a building in Egypt that will help them expand the amount of Gospel programming on television throughout the region. “We’ve been able to obtain a shell of a building – about 17,000 square feet. Which, we are actively in the process of redesigning the building, equipping it to be a fully functional media center.” According to Hartson, they’re raising some one-point-three million dollars for the project, of which they still have 700-thousand dollars to go. Hartson says being able to do this is an answer to prayer. “These are some exciting times that are taking place. When we look at 1,300 years of censorship in this area of the world, especially when it comes to spreading of the Gospel. Now having the avenue through satellite service to share the Good News of Christ is just really something that we’re all really thankful for.”

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