Story number 2 for 26 Nov 2001

By November 26, 2001

(USA) — Meanwhile, children are taking an active role in helping the victims of famine and war in Afghanistan. Awana Clubs International‘s Don Paterson says they’re asking all of their Awana clubs around the world to contribute to the Afghanistan Children Relief fund. “If every child involved in Awana Clubs in the U-S were to give a dollar we would raise about one-million dollars. We’ve even encouraged the kids to think about writing cards to children in Afghanistan. A way, to maybe, open the door of opportunity in expressing the love of God.” Paterson explains why they’re helping. “This helps us maybe take a little bit more of a missions perspective that, you know, kids are still kids. And, kids in Afghanistan probably know little about what’s really going on and so why shouldn’t kids in America realize that they are simply kids in need in Afghanistan and be willing to help and do so with a missions mindset.”

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