Story number 2 for 27 Apr 2001

By April 27, 2001

(Nigeria)–Elsewhere, Nigeria is hosting an AIDS Summit this week, where officials called for the countries to unite in order to fight the diseases ravaging the continent. Many countries are at a critical stage in grappling with the virus, despite the fact that the infection rate is growing exponentially. Gospel Revival Ministry’s John Musser explains how they’re helping. “We started a church-it was filled to capacity the second week. We’ve been doing a vitamin program there and helping with super-immune boosters and things like this. We are working with doctors and we are receiving other invitations throughout Africa to bring these doctors and help people to understand the AIDS virus.” Musser asks people to pray. “We always send a network of native pastors, because that’s our focus-we equip native pastors to reach their nations for Christ. We’ve supported a large network of native pastors there to follow-up all the work and to build the church.”

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