Story number 2 for 27 Aug 2001

By August 27, 2001

(India)–Next, coordinators for World Bible Translation Center’s-India branch in Bangalore, India, reported violent opposition from Hindu activists to a Bible distribution team in connection with India’s Independence Day celebrations. WBTC’s Roger Massey. “They attacked them, pushed them to the ground, began kicking them, began hitting them and, as they were getting beaten, the village elders came and put a stop to it. They took all their materials, and ran them out of the village, and told them not to come back and to keep their Christian literature away.” Massey says this was an isolated incident, although he asks believers to pray “…primarily, just for the safety of the distribution teams, and that the Gospels, the books of the Proverbs that are going out, that seed will fall on good soil. They were bruised and beat up and worn out, but full of joy. And, they’re already looking at a time when they can go back to that village.”

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