Story number 2 for 27 Dec 2000

By December 27, 2000

Elsewhere, Hindu radicals in India murdered a church leader and attacked a Christian school in separate clashes this month. These latest incidents, compounded by adamant government denial, have prompted believers to express their concern over the wave of violence unleashed throughout the country against Christians. G.V. Mathai confirms the report. “Christians are really hard-pressed, and the [Hindu] religious fanatics say that Christians are not loyal to the country. They have a foreign association so when these Christians are going out, the religious groups come to beat them, disturb them and ask them to get out of that area.” Mathai says the pressure hasn’t stopped their work. “In spite of all these things, the Lord is sending a great revival and we see a great result, seeing people coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ. We are planning to have three major crusades in the southern states of India; we request your prayers.”

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