Story number 2 for 27 Jun 2002

By June 27, 2002

(India)–Elsewhere, India has told Pakistan it must make good on its pledge to stop cross-border militancy. The two countries recently came close to all-out war over the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir. Tensions eased following intense diplomatic efforts, but sporadic outbreaks of hostilities are routine. Global Advance’s David Shibley says this is a time to lift up the church in India as they struggle to evangelize. “We, as Christians, need to remember that the largest cluster of unreached peoples in the world is in northern India. If there were to be a conflict, that’s the people who would be effected; this massive cluster of unreached peoples in northern India.” Shibley says evangelists in the area need support. “We, as Christians, certainly need to be praying, during this time when there’s a lot of saber rattling between Hindus and Muslims, that Christians will rise to the occasion in that area of the world, and proclaim the Gospel and present the Lord Jesus as the prince of peace.”

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