Story number 2 for 27 Mar 2002

By March 27, 2002

(International) — Meanwhile, an organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel around the world is celebrating a milestone. Evangelism Explosion is celebrating 40-years of training people in evangelism. E-E’s Tom Stebbins just completed a book called, D. James Kennedy’s Explosion of Evangelism. He’s hoping it will help encourage pastors in outreach. “will give introduction to pastors how they can equip and mobilize their congregation to win their friends, relatives, associates and neighbors. It is a very relational approach to evangelism and pastors, I think, through this book will come to see that.” E-E is now working in all 212 countries, including the Muslim world. “We have one of our directors training right in the Middle East and evangelizing Arab speaking people. In fact, he is training some former terrorists that have come to Christ through E-E.” Ask for the book by name at eeinternational-dot-org.

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