Story number 2 for 27 Oct 2000

By October 27, 2000

Meanwhile, Chinese officials say Christianity is seeing incredible growth. Erik Burklin of China Partner just returned from China where they held theological education classes. Burklin says they received some information from the man who oversees religion in Jaingsu Province. “We asked him which religion has the most followers in that province and he proceeded to say there were more Christians there than Buddhists in that particular province. And, that was a huge encouragement, realizing that in many provinces now Christians are surpassing those who believe in Buddha.” Burklin says that growth has left a spiritual leader vacuum. “Their biggest prayer request right now is for additional leaders to be trained so that they can be well equipped and lead those who are coming to know Christ. The latest statistic that I know of is that there’s only one ordained pastor for every 10,000 Christians in China.”

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