Story number 2 for 27 Sep 2001

By September 27, 2001

(USA)–Next, the terrorism on the United States has pushed many Americans to re-think spiritual issues. PrayerZone America’s director, John Hulett believes the horror generated by the attacks may be responsible. “I think there is an increased sensitivity of America seeing the need of prayer. Particularly, for schools. The focus has been on the tragedy now. But, if the local “See You At the Pole” is any indicator, there’s a great deal of interest of prayer among students.” PrayerZone America has a goal of seeing 50 people pray for each school all across America, so thousands of volunteers are needed. He says it could have a huge impact on evangelism. “If we can get 50 people around each of these schools praying for that school, the students, the teachers, the campus clubs then we can do a whole lot to promote a spiritual environment to allow many, many kids to come to Christ on campus.”

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