Story number 2 for 28 Jan 2000

By January 28, 2000

We turn next to Venezuela where the December mudslides are being called the
worst natural disaster in South American in the last century. International Aid’s
Sonny Enriquez just returned from that country. He says they’re taking a two-pronged
approach to attacking the disaster. “First, is the immediate response to their current
situation, and this is predominately to emergency relief commodities. Now the plan of
the government is to set up new communities. That’s where we would like to see how
we could be of help to the church partners and their new communities, specifically in
the area of health care.” Enriquez says when they help physically, people open up to
the Gospel as did one of their military escorts. “This military escort was observing us all
throughout the trip and then at the end he said tell me something more about what
you’re doing. And, again, the team just came to him and started sharing and later one
he says I’d like to be a Christian too.”

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