Story number 2 for 28 Jun 2002

By June 28, 2002

(International)–Meanwhile, a translator’s health problems threaten to disrupt a translation project. ‘Kang’ is a believer who escaped from Southeast Asia to avoid religious persecution. Soon after coming to America, he began translation work, with the help of the Seed Company. The Seed Company’s Parke Brown explains what’s at stake. “Kang has had some very serious problems, including hepatitis, which we think has damaged his liver, and there’s some possibility of some cancer involved in his liver, as well. If either of these things are true, it sets the work back immensely, because he’s the only person right now we have contact with who can do a qualified translation of this language for this people group.” Brown says they’re asking for prayer support. “It’s always a concern of ours, deeply, when one of our translators is ill, because at the SEED Company, partnership is so key with us, as far as bringing these nationals on as full partners in the translation process, and so, each one has a special place in our hearts.”

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