Story number 2 for 28 Mar 2000

By March 28, 2000

Elsewhere, there are growing concerns over violence against believers in Dehli. One indigenous mission group fears India’s government is patterning itself after a nearby world power. This could signal an increased conflict coming for the church. For security reasons, the group will remain nameless and we’ve changed our source’s name to ‘Mike’. “I think there’s possibly some parallels here with China. India has been a strong socialist country and now they are beginning to restrict the freedoms, both in religious areas as well as political areas, so I’m wondering if India is following the model of China.” Mike says there’s a lot at stake for ministry. “It’s very, very crucial that there be some serious prayer going on, I believe for India. I think we’re at a crossroads, so we need prayer that there would be continued and increased freedom of religion, freedom of thought and freedom of expression-and I believe that this is indicative of the spiritual battle going on.”

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