Story number 2 for 29 Aug 2001

By August 29, 2001

(Egypt)–Next, Christians in Africa have been invited to assist with Gospel meetings in the North African country of Egypt. That’s the word from Michael Cassidy from African Enterprise. Cassidy describes the outreach. “We will have about 30 of our own evangelists and about another 20 others, so probably about 50 in all going in an joining with local church leaders and local evangelists in an outreach in 13 different cities.” According to Cassidy, because there are many nominal Christians in Egypt, the message they’re bringing is two fold. “The messages come with a two pronged approach of evangelism in the first instance and discipling in the second. As people are evangelized and won to the Lord, so those same people will evangelize their near neighbors in the Egyptian context and that’s something which is very exciting.” The meetings continue through September 9th.

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