Story number 2 for 29 Dec 2000

By December 29, 2000

Next, 20-thousand students are being challenged by more than 200 mission organizations to get involved in the Great Commission, at Urbana 2000. In an intramural gym, Gordan Govier found one group building a replica of the TajMahal. “Bob Blincoe is U-S Director of Frontiers, the largest ministry focused specifically on reaching the Muslim world. “Urbana is the premiere recruiting opportunity for all of North America every three years. And, we are here to emphasize the most under staffed mission area of our mission that’s all Muslim peoples – the most understaffed area is the Indian subcontinent. Many people don’t realize that India’s not only a Hindu country, but 120-million Muslims live there too.” Bob Blincoe says Frontiers is hope for one-thousand student contacts at Urbana and from that 100 missionaries on field. Gordon Govier, Mission Network News at Urbana 2000.”

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