Story number 2 for 29 Jan 2001

By January 29, 2001

(El Salvador)–Next, while many people are focusing on the physical needs in El Salvador, the International Bible Society is thinking about their spiritual needs. A magnitude seven-point-six earthquake rocked the Latin American country on January 13th. IBS’ John Oosterhuis says they’re raising money to hand out 50-thousand copies of, “When Your Whole World Changes.” “It brings in words, the shock and the unbelief and the denial that people go through when they’ve lost everything. And, it give a very appropriate and very good Bible words to go with it that helps people to go through these phases of shock in their lives.” The ultimate goal is to lead people to Christ. Oosterhuis says this kind of ministry is sometimes overlooked. “Most people, of course, only see the material side – you know the lack of housing and everything else, but they may easily bypass the emotional trauma that comes with it. And, we feel that the Bible has such great answers, which we would like to present in very simple way.”

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