Story number 2 for 29 Jan 2002

By January 29, 2002

(India)–Meanwhile, the November 4th Dalit rally that saw thousands renounce the Hindu religion may be the start of a huge problem facing the church. Gospel for Asia’s KP Yohannan just returned from India and says many are coming to Christ. But, according to Yohannon, the church isn’t ready for it. “The Mission World concentrated on evangelism. Very little has been done in terms of training people to be pastors, developing new converts to become mature in Christ.” According to Yohannan scores of Indian people are searching for answers – answers that can only be found in Christ. He says as more Indians turn to Christ, worldwide prayer is essential. “This is God’s timing for these people and the devil is fighting very hard. We are looking on the face of possibly huge persecution and martyrdoms in the days to come and we need much prayer.”

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