Story number 2 for 29 Jul 2002

By July 29, 2002

(Russia)–We turn next to St. Petersburg, Russia. It is here that the Far East Broadcasting Company is finally breaking through in ministry. FEBC’s Victor Ahkterov says with the permit they now have to work, it gives them license to dream of broadcasting the Gospel in the future. “We already started broadcasting there three hours a day and we’re hoping to start a new station there. I’m sure that with God’s blessing, and our supporters’ blessing too, we’ll have a station by the end of the year.” Ahkterov says they just started the outreach two weeks ago, so the effort is in its fledgling stage. He asks people to pray, not only for this work, but also that people would respond. “If it’s not the Lord who’s doing things, then it’s difficult for us. So, pray that God will open doors for us and that by the end of the year, we’ll have a full-time station in the northern capital of Russia.” FEBC’s goal is to take Christ to all of Russia by radio, through local, national, and international broadcasts.

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