Story number 2 for 29 Mar 2001

By March 29, 2001

(Haiti)–Next, despite political unrest in Haiti, an evangelical group is moving forward with a program to help an ailing economy among some rural farmers. Farms International’s Joseph Richter says they’re helping 30 families re-institute pig farming in the region. “This will give them an income that was not possible before. Pigs sell for a very high price in Haiti and the projects will also help these farmers to send their children to school and help them with other expenses as well as helping to support their local church through the tithes that will come off of this project.” Richter says an offering at Urbana 2000 helped fund this project. He’s hoping it will have an eternal impact. He offers this prayer. “That revival amongst these churches on the northern coast of Haiti will continue to grow. As people prosper and give more back into their local churches, that this whole movement of people coming out of poverty will just continue to grow.”

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