Story number 2 for 29 Mar 2002

By March 29, 2002

(Philippines) — Meanwhile, a U-S news network is reporting that the U-S government has facilitated a ransom payment for Martin and Gracia Burnham — missionaries being held captive in the Philippines. However, New Tribes Mission‘s Scott Ross denies that. “I got a call saying that this report has come out and that was the first time we’d ever heard or seen something like that. (We) called the Philippines and asked them what they know about it, they knew nothing about it. And, we have not been able to really track down what the source was that even initiated this report. New Tribes has a no ransom policy. We’ve not paid any type of ransom. The families are not involved.” The Burnham’s have been held hostage now for 10 months. Ross says people need to pray. “This is probably the most dangerous time for kidnapping victims is when things might be moving — things might be productive. Tremendous prayer (is needed) for Martin and Gracia. Pray for the safety of all the troops and people that are involved down there. And, especially for the kids and the parents.”

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