Story number 2 for 29 May 2000

By May 29, 2000

Next, government rations aren’t enough to keep the victims of famine from starving in Ethiopia. Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder reports if Christians around the world refuse to help, people will starve. “Food for the Hungry and SIM International have formed a partnership to help feed the Somali people of Ethiopia. While persecution of Christians is common in this Muslim area of the country, Christian workers are using it to share Christ’s love. SIM International has a lot of work in many areas of Ethiopia. One SIM Missionary says they need to be involved with aid because the government rations simply aren’t enough. She shares what one woman, and all these victims, really need. “What she needs is general foods distribution, and also maize, oil, milk and different grains-not only maize. She needs maize and beans because she needs a high protein diet.” SIM workers say this is the key to reaching these people with the Gospel. SIM and Food for the Hungry will be opening a feeding center as soon as funds are available. You’re gift is needed now, not only to help physically, but spiritually. Call 1-800, the number 2-HUNGER to help. Greg Yoder, Mission Network News, Ethiopia.”

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