Story number 2 for 29 May 2003

By May 29, 2003

(Argentina)–Next, Argentina’s flashfloods earlier this month reduced thousands of lives to rubble in mere minutes. A third of the city of Santa Fe remains under water and thousands have been unable to return to their homes. Christian Aid Mission’s Gabriel Prada says the church is doing what few others can. “We still have about 50,000 people that are still in evacuation centers. Some of these ministries, churches from other areas, what they have done is banded together, which is a tremendous testimony for the unbelievers.” Prada says in spite of their work, the teams are feeling the effect of the disaster. However, their teams also see this as an opportunity for answered prayer. “They have five feeding centers in the area, where they’re feeding more than 200. That was over flooded. Their offices were over flooded; they lost a lot of equipment. But, at the same time, they are in good spirits and just waiting to see what the Lord has with this whole thing, as far as reaching out and touching people’s lives.”

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