Story number 2 for 29 Sep 2000

By September 29, 2000

Meanwhile, the stymied Middle East peace talks and renewed violence in Israel is making ministry exciting in that chosen country. Christians for Israel’s David Sudlow explains his excitement. “We know that as committed Christians that there will never be a lasting peace arrived at until the Prince of Peace returns. But, it’s so exciting because we receive Biblical prophecy coming to pass right before our eyes. I want to tune in the news every morning and see what’s fresh and new because it’s so prophetic.” CFI is assisting Jews repatriate to Israel, helping Christians understand Biblical prophecy, and pointing participants to the Messiah – Jesus Christ. “We are raising up a standard to the church to say, hey God is telling us as Gentiles to come and help the Jewish people home. Bring them the cup of cold water in Jesus name. Be the Corey TenBooms of today and truly provoke them to jealously.”

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