Story number 2 for 3 Dec 2002

By December 3, 2002

(Africa) — Next, the African continent is in the midst of a food crisis unlike any other. The lack of moisture is to blame in part, but a labor shortage brought on by HIV/AIDS is also to blame. Farms and businesses can’t produce enough food. Baptist World Aid, the relief arm of Baptist World Alliance, is helping provide food in the short term. BWA’s Paul Montecute describes the situation. “People at the moment are being forced to scramble in the earth for roots to feed their children, or plucking leaves from the trees, or even eating the maize while it was still green before it had time to ripen and go to harvest. So, it’s in those kinds of situations that we’re there, trying to support our Baptist brothers and sisters in the way they care for those who are most in need.” Montecute says empowering local Christians is the best way to lead people to Christ. “Our Baptist pastors are there on the spot and (we’re) working through them. They’re the people who know their people. They know the neighborhoods best. They know where the care is needed, whether it be the provision of food for the stomach, or spiritual help.”

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