Story number 2 for 3 Feb 2000

By February 3, 2000

Meanwhile, the Bridge International has continued to share the Gospel in
Russia despite the recent upheavals in the economic and political realms along
with the war in Chechnya. In fact, the Bridge’s R.K. Ulrich says their work has seen
encouraging results in St. Petersburg. “We have completed a full year’s course of
training of church planters. They have a Bible school there-they call it the “Bible
Training Center”-their people that graduated from the school just before Christmas,
they are being dispatched in various areas this month.” Ulrich says, because of the war,
there is a lot of desperation. “In the midst of that whole atmosphere, just sending those
young people into these communities to say there is hope, here is a Bible-there is
something to look forward to. We are starting up again in March, and my prayer is that
God will send the right people to the Bible school…the students called to apostolic

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