Story number 2 for 3 Jan 2000

By January 3, 2000

Next, assessment teams are confirming reports of massive casualties and
destruction in Venezuela and missionaries say there’s much work to do. South
Baptist International Mission Board’s Dickie Nelson says up to 50-thousand are
dead and 400-thousand people are homeless. Nelson says they’re planning assistance
in two phases. “One would be very immediate that could involve things like large water
purification systems, mobilizing some of our states that have these portable kitchens
that can feed thousands of people daily. And, then more long term we would probably
be looking at volunteer teams in terms of some type of reconstruction of both churches
and homes.” Nelson says while the physical needs are important, so are spiritual needs.
“We’re looking at a people that are going to be devastated and without hope. What we
have to offer, way beyond the physical is the fact that there is hope in Jesus Christ.
We’re going to find people that are really looking for answers. And, we’re going to
offer them the Good News about what Christ can do in their lives.”

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