Story number 2 for 3 Jul 2000

By July 3, 2000

Elsewhere, Thailand is on the tail end of her recovery from economic disaster. On the heels of the crisis comes political trouble and turmoil in Parliament. The coalition government has said it will not dissolve, despite a bid to force early elections. CBN Siam director Stuart Bennett says in the chaos, their work continues unabated. “As far as we’re concerned, they’re keeping the doors open. We have a staff of Thai Christians who we are training in television and humanitarian work. Together with them, we’re starting to understand the way to reach the Buddhist world. The approach is certainly different than you would use here in the West.” Bennett explains prayer is a valuable tool as well. “One of the difficulties in getting going in a way that is culturally relevant is actually being able to find the staff to work with the local Thai people to train them. There are just not the number of Christians there with specialist skills. And then, with that also, is spiritual warfare.”

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