Story number 2 for 3 Jul 2001

By July 3, 2001

(Colombia)–Next, Colombia is considered by many to be the most violent country in the world, and is in desperate need of peace, justice, conversion and restoration. In response, Open Doors is urging Christians around the globe to join together for an international day of prayer and fasting. Open Doors’ Terry Madison. “We’re looking at 300 churches having been closed; we’re talking about 52 pastors having been killed in the last three years. We feel that the greatest gift we can give to the church in Colombia is to pray for it. And, we’re asking our Open Doors prayer partners, literally around the world, to join us in a ‘Wage Peace Upon Colombia’ prayer meeting on July 28th.” Madison asks believers to also pray for mission workers, many of whom are under attack. “The leaders of these armed groups are not happy at all when the Christians come and convert so many of their conscripted soldiers to faith in Christ. As a result, many of them have been targeted, and many of them have been killed.”

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