Story number 2 for 30 Apr 2001

By April 30, 2001

(Ukraine)–Next, the political tension of the Ukraine has been stepped up a notch with the dismissal of the country’s Prime Minister. The drastic move on Friday has intensified a five month-old reform crisis. Voice of the Martyrs says the uncertainty could effect Christian work down the line. VOM’s Gary Lane. “There is a Ukranian mafia that has quite a bit of power in the Ukraine, a lot of corruption is going on, and a lot of extortion. Until the Ukrainian people get serious about this and get leaders that are serious about reforming the society, nothing is going to change.” Lane says VOM will continue their work in the Ukraine, despite increasing government interference. He asks believers to pray. “We’re there to help persecuted Christians in that part of the world. Pray that leaders will be put in place in the Ukraine-people that are righteous, people that know Jesus and will reach out and change that country. It’s only with righteous leadership that the Ukraine will change.”

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